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This is the personal site of Erlend Schei, a.k.a @nerdegutt. or @schei. On this site (it’s actually WordPress behaving like something less bloggish) I’ll share all the arguably clever stuff I learn about creating and running a web business.

My professional background stretches from operational networkish stuff, all the way up through back-end programming to ixd and frontend work the later years. I’ve worked for FINN.no since 2001. At work my current digital baby is FINN labs, FINN’s innovation playground (Norwegian).

A lot of the work I do at FINN makes me dive into different technological challenges, many of which I spend a lot of time making (arguably) good solution. It would be a shame if these learnings were to stay in my head, if they can help others which have similar tasks. A lot of these issues I feel are of general geek interest, but too generic for the company blog. Meet nerdsillustrated.com!

I have very low barriers between my professional and personal life. Sad, you might say, but I happen to love the work I do and the business I’m in, so I’d rather call it a luxury. I benefit from the work I do at FINN, and FINN hopefully benefits from all my other projects and research.

Besides web work, I am a hobby photographer and Nikon fanboy, with far better gear than photographic skills. You can find me on Flickr.

Feel free to share your opinions abot this site in the comment section!